Heliocare Extreme Gel SPF90 50mL


Exclusive formulation in non-comedogenic gel, ideal for mixed and seborrheic skin.

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Cosmetic Form:
- No whitening effect.
- Excellent cosmetic properties.
--- Extremely light, non-oily formulations for combination, oily and acneic skin.
--- SPF 90 gel formulation contains phytosphingosines, a lipid naturally present in the skin which carries out an important anti-acne action: anti-microbial (P. acnes & S. aureus) and anti-inflammatory).
--- Well-suited to patients not normally using sun protection.

- Phytobiological filters: EPL, Green tea
- Physical filters: Titanium dioxide, Zinc oxide
- Chemical filters: Eusolex OCR, Parsol MCX
- Ultrasomes
- Sunspheres