Node Fluide Shampoo 200ml


Non-detergent fluid shampoo for all hair types

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Non-detergent fluid shampoo for all hair types

Non-detergent gentle cleansing formula, anionic, npn-ionic and cationic surfactants,

The Bioderma Laboratory's 1st biological innovation, Nodé is a non-detergent shampoo that respects the biological balance of fragile hair and scalps. Thanks to its gentle cleansing base, made of a unique combination of surfactants and developed in accordance with the NOn-DEtergence concept, Nodé non-detergent fluid shampoo effectively cleanses while respecting the hydrolipidic film of the hair and scalp.

Wet the hair. Pour out a sufficient amount, gently massage shampoo accross the hair and scalp. Rinse off. Repeat the above steps one more time for the restorative action and conditioning.